January 2020 – Stefan Wilhelm co-authored a research article in the journal Nature Materials.

S. Sindhwani, A.M. Syed, J. Ngai, B.R. Kingston, L. Maiorino, J. Rothschild, P. MacMillan, Y. Zhang, N.U. Rajesh, T. Hoang, J.L.Y. Wu, S. Wilhelm, A. Zilman, S. Gadde, A. Sulaiman, B. Ouyang, Z. Lin, L. Wang, M. Egeblad, W.C.W. Chan, “The entry of nanoparticles into solid tumours”
Nature Materials, 2020, 19, 566-575.

DOI: 10.1038/s41563-019-0566-2PDF (7.2 MB)