Publication in American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)

June 2024 – Profs. Scott, Frickenstein, and Wilhelm published an educational research article in the journal American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). The article received the Best Paper Award by the Biomedical Engineering Division (BED).

R. A. Scott, A. N. Frickenstein, and S. Wilhelm, “Longitudinal analysis of strategies for improving biomedical engineering student knowledge of career paths and desired skillsets”
American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Conference & Exposition, Portland, OR, 2024, 1-27.
DOI: | PDF (2.2 MB)

BE4NANO Joins CURE Jr. Program

June 2024 – The Wilhelm Lab BE4NANO program joined the CURE Jr. event at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center for an outreach opportunity with high school students.

BE4NANO Summer Research Camp 2024

May 2024 – High school students from the Caddo-Kiowa Technology Center (Fort Cobb, OK) participated in a week-long summer research camp in the Wilhelm Lab.

Thank you to everyone for your support!

NSF CAREER Award – 2048130

Publication in Advanced Materials

May 2024 – Dr. Lin Wang and the team published an original research paper in the journal Advanced Materials! Thank you to our collaborators and congratulations!

L. Wang, V. Sheth, K. Liu, P. Panja, A. N. Frickenstein, Y. He, W. Yang, A. G. Thomas, M. H. Jamei, J. Park, S. Lyu, N. D. Donahue, W. R. Chen, R. Bhattacharya, P. Mukherjee, S. Wilhelm, “Primary Human Breast Cancer-Associated Endothelial Cells Favor Interactions with Nanomedicines”
Advanced Materials, 2024, published online.
DOI: 10.1002/adma.202403986  | PDF (7.0 MB)

BE4NANO hosts OUHSC College of Medicine Club Scrubs Students

April 2024 – The Wilhelm Lab BE4NANO program hosted high school students from the OUHSC College of Medicine Club Scrubs initiative. Club Scrubs is a hands-on, exciting, interactive club for high school students interested in exploring health and STEM careers.

2024 Student Awards

April 2024 – Congratulations to our Wilhelm Lab undergraduate students, Thao and Hamilton!

Thao: President’s Outstanding Sophomore Award

Hamilton: Gallogly College of Engineering Outstanding Senior in BME Award

BE4NANO Outreach at “Kids Night with Microscopes” Event

April 2024 – The Wilhelm Lab team participated recently in the “Kids Night with Microscopes” outreach event organized by the Oklahoma Microscopy Society and the OU SRNML. Thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to share our bionanotechonlogy research.


April 2024 – Wilhelm Lab undergraduate student Hamilton Young received the NSF GRFP award! Outstanding accomplishment, Hamilton!

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